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The company was born in Milan on January 31, 2012, from a dream :
to avoid the extinction of craft professions, such as leather processing and preserve the legacy of its Italian past, symbol of design and good taste.

Headquartered in Milan, the goal is to revive the Milanese leather goods center, and show that, not only brands are synonymous with quality and beauty.  Made in Italy is true when, not only raw materials but also labor is 100% Italian.

The materials we use come from Tuscany, Florence for accessories and Santa Croce sull'Arno, a town in the province of Pisa, known throughout the world, for processing and exporting top quality leathers.

The transformation, in what will be, the final product, is entrusted to three laboratories; the first , a specialised factory in Florence accounts for 70% of the production while the remaining 30% is taken care by two smaller laboratories, directly connected to the stores of Via Marghera 18 and Via Tortona 20 in Milan.

This are also where customisations are made upon request and all repairs are undertaken , most of which , at no cost to the customer.

Imagine, now, to find yourself, in a garden surrounded by thousand colors, in which flowers are the bags and the perfume is the authentic real leather fragrance. 

Marghera street 18 02 39401113
Tortona street 20 02 39813651
Gorizia avenue 30   02 39813685
Senato street 13   02 23052519

Here, the customer can see first-hand the quality of the items and, alone or if he prefers, guided by the staff,  choose the right bag or wallet, etc. 

The styles and the colors are many and different from each other, but, with all with common elements: simplicity, careful manufacture and prices 'really' accessible to all, because, anyone must be able to afford, a leather bag. 

Customer satisfaction and word of mouth are our best publicity

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